Outside Plant


GSP Networks has the expertise to assist both service providers and end users with planning, design, and deployment of all their outside plant wireline needs. Our customers include Telecom Carriers, Enterprise Businesses, Utility Corporations, Cities, Counties, and School Districts, among others. Our OSP team works hand-in-hand with our ISP group, allowing us to provide a comprehensive Last-Mile, Mid-Mile, and Long-haul approach, as well as a smooth transition on every project.


Aerial Construction

  • Strand & Lash Construction
  • All Dielectric Self-Support Construction
  • Overbuilds, Re-Builds & Wreck-outs
  • Underground Construction.

  • Directional Boring / Horizontal Directional Drilling
  • Trenching
  • Manhole & Handhole Installation
  • Cable Blowing & Placing
  • “Last Mile” Construction.

  • Lateral Builds off Existing Networks
  • Route Diversity Identification & Design
  • Facility Entrance & ISP Construction
  • Maintenance & Repair

  • Scheduled Repairs
  • Emergency / After-Hours Repairs
  • Route Inspections
  • Maintenance Contracts Available
  • GSP has successfully installed over 6,000,000 feet of fiber throughout the United States – in virtually every environment, from rural to urban, to ultra-urban. Whether you’re looking to connect two buildings on the same street, or multiple locations throughout an entire City, County, State or Region, we can get it done.

    Let our knowledgeable project managers help you with your next project - from conceptualization to system-turn up and documentation.